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I want to change career direction

  • I’m feeling dissatisfied with work
  • I’m frustrated by the lack of opportunities
  • I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed or anxious when I think about work

I want a new job

  • I’m no good at interviews
  • My CV needs updating
  • I’m not using LinkedIn regularly
  • I’m not getting any interviews from my applications
  • I’m not sure how to find the jobs

I don’t know what I need help with!

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I love your energy, enthusiasm and fun. I think you listen well, reflecting back, seeing beneath the words, trying to understand and think about it, and what it means for me. I also have appreciated where you have shared parts of yourself and experience. I’ve found this useful to reflect on. This has allowed me to be honest and open.

It’s difficult to say just one thing about us working together but, someone who has walked alongside me on the journey of working out what I need to do in my current working life and where I may be going next with helpful thoughts, suggestions, reflections and positivity, being with me where I am but encouraging me to take steps and gain a wider perspective.

Michelle C, Career Changer

Working with Lindsey was a pleasure. When you meet her you feel that you have known her before. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to jobs and organisations which made me more comfortable to use her advice practically.

It taught me how to think practically when it comes to employment procedures and it put me at ease at a time I felt very anxious and stressed. Also, it allowed me to learn more about the art of applications and interviews. As a result, I was given an interview and I got the job out of 100 candidates!

Hiba A, Job Hunter

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