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Is this you right now?

Scrolling down job boards and losing the will?

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Worried about making the wrong decision?

Life can feel miserable when work isn’t working out. We know what that’s like first hand and many of our clients have been stressed or anxious about going to work and feeling trapped in the wrong job; or frustrated at not being able to get the new job that they really want.

In this situation most people spend hours scrolling job boards in desperation or distract themselves so they don’t have to think about work when they’re not at work. Neither of these strategies are likely to change anything unfortunately.

With a Career Guide at your side you can get the clarity and confidence you need to make a change.

We can walk alongside you. You don’t have to do this alone.

We’ve spent the last 10+ years helping clients just like you.

Our client centred approach means you get the bespoke service that you need. Clients come for coaching to get clarity on how they want things to be different in the work area of their lives and help with building confidence and knowledge about how to make a change. Others need advice about their CV, application form, LinkedIn profile or interview practice.

Some clients want help with all of these things.

Finding the right person to be your Career Guide is really important to how you move forwards.

Take Control of Your Career Now

We believe that life is too short to be in the wrong job. There are always options.

Find your Career Guide to help you uncover and evaluate your options.

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Job/Career change

I met Lindsey during a difficult time in my life, where I was at a low which included having panic attacks. I was not truly happy at work for various reasons. Our first coaching session helped me make the decision to leave. I never thought I would leave a job without another one to go to. She helped give me the strength to do so.

She coached me with gentleness and good challenge – helping me to realise what is important to me in life and in my career. Truly, she walked alongside me during such a hard time and helped lift me up to have the courage, confidence and passion to hold my nerve. All of this means I’ve started in a new job where I am excited to go in on Monday mornings. I have regained my hope and spark. Thank you Lindsey so much.

– Rachel C –



Interview support

I had been trying to change career for more than 10 years. I could write decent applications and get to the interview stage but I was not making progress beyond that. As I said to Lindsey I was “stuck, stuck, stuck.”

I’m delighted to say that after 20 years working in the charity sector with very little scope for future career development, with Lindsey’s help and guidance, I have now switched to a new industry sector with a five-figure salary increase. My choice to work with Lindsey is without doubt one of the best decisions of my life. I would urge anyone who finds the job application and interview process difficult to book some sessions with Lindsey.

– Jeff P –



Job/Career change

I didn’t know what my skills were or even how to identify the sort of work which would satisfy me. I couldn’t even look on job websites without getting upset that I didn’t know what I was good for. It felt really overwhelming.

Less than a year since I started working with Lindsey, I am now in a totally new job which I actually find satisfying and fun, something I genuinely never thought possible. I really think the time I spent with her was well worth it and gave me the hand holding and support I needed to change my working life.

– Lucy H –



Job/Career change

I was in a “career hole” if you like. I’d been running pubs for the last 20 or so years and could see no way out of the industry. My work life balance was way off and didn’t know how to get out of the industry due to a perceived lack of skills. The frustration was enormous.

Lindsey’s service was brilliant as it wasn’t a one size fits all approach.

My life looks very different now, I have a job that allows me a good work life balance and I have a social life. I’m on the pathway to a career that will let me test my skills a lot more and one that’ll allow me to be much happier.

– Will H –



CV and Interview Support

Choosing Lindsey for my careers guidance has been the best decision I have made in years. It was also the most valuable. After a 1:1 online meeting we were both clear on what I wanted and what Lindsey could do for me. After that, everything moved into place and made sense for me.  I agreed to 3 hours of support and it was worth every minute I spent with her.

Not only does my CV look great now (and pages shorter!) I got to use my newly learned interview skills the following week. And guess what? I got the job.

I am so grateful for Lindsey’s skills and expertise – she helped me get back the confidence I had lost in myself and with her expert guidance I managed to shape and hone my experience and abilities to achieve what I needed – all with practical fit for purpose guidance, all delivered with friendly and kind support, exactly what I needed.

Thank you Lindsey for all your help, you believed I could do it and I did.

– Emma T –