Frequently Asked Questions

How much does working with you cost?

This will depend on what you think you need and your budget. The prices of my different services can be viewed here:

I’m happy to spread payments at no extra charge if this helps you.

I work Monday to Friday 9-5, are you going to be able to see me?

I can often meet with clients early evening or weekends so I’m sure we can find a time to meet.

Are the sessions confidential?

All sessions are confidential and I will not disclose them unless I am obliged to for legal or duty of care reasons. I have a supervisor who I share information with to help me reflect on and develop my practice. My sessions with her are also bound by confidentiality. Information about you is used and stored in line with GDPR.

How long are sessions?

This varies depending on which package you choose. for more details. 

I’ve seen other coaches before and didn’t find it helpful. What can you do differently?

Anyone can call themselves a coach as there are no legal requirements to achieve a certain standard of training for coaching; and people become coaches through a wide range of routes so it’s important to shop around and find one that’s right for you. Most coaches will offer a free initial consultation so you can find out how they work, the kinds of clients or work they might specialise in and see how well you communicate with each other. Research shows that the relationship between you and your coach is fundamental to how useful you will find the sessions.

I trained as a Careers Adviser (2007-8) and as a member of the Career Practitioner Register I do a minimum of 25 hours’ continuous professional development per year.

I specialise in career management/development. Your free Discovery Call should help you get clearer about how I can help you and whether you want to work with me further.

My particular strengths are believing in your abilities, seeing strengths where you do not, helping to build confidence and hopefulness, providing practical advice, giving you a safe space to get clear about what you want to do next/how you want your life to be. Sessions can evoke a range of emotions ranging from sadness, regret, relief, joy, excitement and even fun!

Why do I have to pay for the sessions in advance?

Paying up front means you are making a commitment to making a change however big or small that is. 

How do I get started?

I’d recommend booking in for a Discovery Call to start with. We will clarify what you want help with, how I tend to work with people and assess whether we’re a good fit. I will give you the information about my services and how much they cost so you can make an informed choice when you’re ready.

Where do we meet?

Face to face in my garden office, by phone or Zoom.

Do you have any free information or resources?

I have a range of free resources – check them out here:

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